Services for end users

Besides the security-check and the free security-tools SISA offers information about cyber-threats. Vistiors may report malicious websites and spam or phishing emails.

Visitors taking the security check get information about open services running on their internet gateway. We also check if the your internet address is known to be infected with malware. We furthermore check if you browser and its plugins are up to date. We are continuously extending our test suite.

SISA offers a full version of a AV scanner in our own branding. This includes a complimentary 90 day license.

Second Opinion Scanner
SISA offers a full version of a second opinion scanner, complementing existing AV products, including a complimentary 30 day license.

Did you find a malicious webpage or received a phishing e-mail? Just report it to us. We will automatically report this for the internet to become a safer place.

Services for members

Information sharing
All information received through the feedback chanel is available to members for quick mitigation measures. Information about infected end user devices can be accessed through an API for mitigation and protection of customers and members infrastructure. .

SISA collects news about cyber security issues, which members can use. Members can publish their own securty news and advisories through the SISA page.

Our members are shown on the webpage with their name and logo.