Members benefits

Becoming a member of the «Swiss Internet Security Alliance» (SISA) gives you many advantages

Better service and security for your customers

  • Enable customers to start diagnosing and cleaning their own systems.
  • Provide customers with tools and support to clean malware infections.
  • Specific protection against banking Trojans.
  • Allow your customers to report issues to one central and trustworthy point of contact.

Postion yourself as security aware

  • Members signal that security is important, for them and their customers.
  • Be part of the growing group of leading enterprises that form SISA.
  • Create awareness within your organization
  • Show customers that you care for their security and privacy.

Strengthen the Swiss internet

  • Collaborating in the fight against cyber crime effective
  • Switzerland is an attractive target for cyber criminals. Let's make sure surfing in Switzerland stays safe.

Simple processes

  • Customer satisfaction
  • Less work for your call centers
  • Part of the abuse process is outsourced
  • Track efforts fighting abuse
  • Additional security for your web based services

Know how exchange

  • Direct and timly access to security information
  • Access to treat information within a trust group.
  • Collaboration with other security professionals
  • Profit from the experience of others

Automatic centralized processing of threat information

  • Phishing
  • Spam
  • Compromised websites
  • Compromised accounts
  • Malware
  • Infected Clients (wired/mobile)
  • Stolen data (e.g. credit cards)

Access to threat data

  • API access

Access to AV-Tools

  • Free SISA AV-Suite
  • Free SISA-Cleaners

Economy of scale

  • The security needs are the same across the board. Fixing issues together is much more efficient and cheaper.

Strong together

  • Cyber criminals cooperate to maximize profits. Let's work together to spoil their business.


  • Regular meetings and collaborations strengthen our business networks.