About the Alliance

Who are we and what are our goals?

The «Swiss Internet Security Alliance» aims at reducing the number of malware infections in Switzerland to reduce the risk for internet users loosing money, time or data.

Our vision is to make Switzerland the safest country in the internet!

We focus on the following priorites

  • Quick remediation of malware infections
  • long term protection of systems
  • Comprehensive help for end users
  • Sharing of security information
  • Awareness
  • Collaboration

We offer information on threats to create awareness. We furthermor offer free tools and checks that enable end users to solve their malware issues and prtect themselves better.


Our vision to make Switzerland the cleanest place in the internet is not new. Other countries, such as Japan, Germany or Australia have similar initiatives. Thanks to the great work done by individual stake holders Switzerland is already in a good position and regularly scores as on of the 10 cleanest places. But there is room for improvement, in particular in the priorities mentioned above.

Thus 2004 the important stakeholders decided to take on this challenge together. The alliance brings together competitors from different industries fighting cyber crime in unity,