SISA Security Check

The Security Check is a free online service to protect your (windows) PC and internet router.

The «SISA-Cleaner» (Second Opinion Scanner) checks a system for a possible malware infection and removes it reliably.

The port check tests if there are any services running on you router that are accessible from the internet. In most cases these services are not necessary and only pose a security risk.

Finally, we check if your IP has been observed in the internet related to malware activity.


SISA is the Swiss partner of Stop.Think.Connect, a global awareness campaign. Its goal is to make Internet users safe around the globe. SISA members have full access to all materials offered by Stop.Think.Connect.

Stop Phishing

SISA operates a central exchange for phishing URLs. Members can fetch current URLs to protect their customers. Likewise they can submit phishing pages they found. MELANI and SWITCH, the registry for .ch and .li domains also participates, to quickly mitigate threats and to try to take such pages down.

Working Groups

SISA or­ga­nizes work­ing group events to the de­mands of its mem­bers and part­ners. Top­ics dis­cussed in­clude SISA's ser­vices and a plat­form for the au­tom­a­tized shar­ing of Phish­ing URLs.